Trump Melts Down After Realizing Mueller Can Disprove His Lies

Trump had a Tuesday morning meltdown over Special Counsel Robert Mueller and likely reason why is that Trump now knows that Mueller has the evidence to disprove his lies.

Trump tweeted:

Mueller Sends Manafort To Prison, And Now Trump Is Worried About The Criminal Justice System

It isn’t a coincidence that the day after Mueller sent Manafort to prison for violating his plea agreement by lying, Trump is suddenly worried “damage to the criminal justice system” and projecting dishonesty on Mto the Special Counsel. What is really upsetting the president is transparently obvious. He and Paul Manafort thought that they could lie and tell the same story to the special counsel.

Trump Realizes That Mueller Has Evidence To Disprove His Written Answer Lies

Donald Trump is trying to ruin Mueller’s credibility because the odds are that Trump lied in his written responses to the investigation without realizing that Robert Mueller has evidence and already knows what happened. Trump likely tried to lie to Mueller, and just saw what happened to Paul Manafort when he pulled the same stunt.

Beneath The Bluster, Trump Is Scared

Behind all of the anger and bluster of Trump’s tweets is fear. The president knows that Mueller’s final report is coming soon. He has already been warned by Democrats that a pardon of Manafort will trigger an obstruction of justice investigation. Donald Trump is boxed in, and because he lied, he is trying to discredit Robert Mueller.

Trump is scared because a bad situation is about to get a whole lot worse.

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