Democrats Are About To Flip A 40th House Seat In CA-21

Democratic candidate TJ Cox has increased his lead in the last undecided House race, which means that Democrats are likely to flip a 40th House seat.

Meredith Kelly of the DCCC tweeted that the race is over:

Nate Silver explained that Republican Rep. Valadao is likely toast:

The Blue Wave Delivered

The race hasn’t been officially called yet, because the margin is so close, but this doesn’t appear to be enough remaining vote left for Republicans to make up the margin and keep the seat. TJ Cox took the lead in the election on Monday, and Valadao’s last hope was that King County would come through for him and narrow the margin. This did not happen. Instead, Cox picked up more votes and expanded his lead.

The blue wave was a reality. Trump and the Republicans can try to find different ways to dismiss, but Democrats picked up their most seats since the Watergate era. Forty House seats are right in line with the high-end projection that Democrats were expected to hit. It is absolutely absurd that some Democrats even thought of not electing Nancy Pelosi to be the speaker.

Pelosi saw the blue wave coming and worked tirelessly to help make it a reality.

Democrats hit expectations, and now have the power needed to check Donald Trump.

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