Bad News For Trump: Rod Rosenstein Is Running The Russia Investigation

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported that Rod Rosenstein is still running and in charge of the Russia investigation even after the installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.

Wallace said on her show Deadline: White House, “A former federal prosecutor confirmed exactly what Frank Figliuzzi just laid out. This is a ladder prosecution. That probably means more to you than to me but explained as sort of securing that rung, in this case, Michael Cohen, squeezing every bit of information out of him before you move on to the next step. The second being a U.S. Government source telling me today this investigation is still squarely under the command and control of the deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein and his staff and that acting attorney general Matt Whitaker has not involved himself in either the cooperation that Michael Cohen engaged in or the charge against him today.”


If Rosenstein is still running the Russia investigation, it explains why Mueller has continued to move so quickly. Rosenstein will give Mueller the time he needs to finish the investigation, and the presence of Whitaker means nothing if Rosenstein is still the person in charge.

It is wise to view Whitaker as Trump’s person on the inside of the DOJ. At any time, he could take over the investigation and shut Mueller down, but the threats from Democrats to Whitaker about leaving Mueller alone appear to be working. Trump and Whitaker are too afraid of the consequences if they make a move on Mueller now.

Mueller is unstoppable by now. Michael Cohen is cooperating. There are dozens of sealed indictments filed, and the final report is being written.

Rosenstein’s oversight is terrible news for Trump, but it a great relief to every single American who wants the Special Counsel to be allowed to finish the investigation.

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