Top House Judiciary Democrat Says Mueller Is Closing In On Trump

The incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that Michael Cohen’s plea deal means that Mueller is closing in on Trump.

Rep. Nadler said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Lying to Congress is a serious crime with serious consequences. Mr. Cohen has now admitted to lying about his contacts with Russian officials on behalf of President Trump. His guilty plea contemplates Mr. Cohen’s further cooperation with investigators. Anyone who still believes that this is a “witch hunt” must now face the reality that the investigation appears to be closing in on the President.

The Special Counsel has now secured guilty pleas from President Trump’s personal attorney, his campaign manager, his deputy campaign manager, a foreign policy advisor to his campaign, and his National Security Advisor. He has filed 191 charges against more than thirty individuals—almost all of whom are in President Trump’s orbit, Vladimir Putin’s orbit, or both. The President can pretend that this investigation has nothing to do with him and nothing to do with Russia, but these indictments speak for themselves. We must allow this investigation to run its course without interference from the President or his allies on Capitol Hill. As the new Congress begins, these developments make clear that my colleagues and I must step in and provide accountability. No one is above the law, not even the President, and our job will be to check his impulse to abuse his office to protect himself. We will do everything in our power to allow the Special Counsel to finish his work and follow the facts and the law to their conclusion.

It is time to face reality. There is no witch hunt, but there is a ton of criminal activity that is resulting in plea agreements and convictions. It is a race against the clock as Robert Mueller is trying to finish his investigation before Trump moves against him. Rep. Nadler was correct. The people elected Democrats in the midterm election to hold Trump accountable.

With Mueller closing in on Trump, it is time for Democrats to form a blue wall to protect the Special Counsel.