Trump’s Late Night Calls To Stone May Help Mueller Prove Collusion

Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into a series of late-night telephone calls from then-candidate Donald Trump to his confidant Roger Stone during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Washington Post is reporting.

According to the Post:

Caller ID labeled them “unknown,” but Roger Stone said he knew to pick up quickly during those harried months of the 2016 presidential campaign. There would be a good chance that the voice on the other end of the line would belong to his decades-long friend — the restless, insomniac candidate Donald Trump — dialing from a blocked phone number.

The Post reported that Mueller has a “very keen interest” in those late-night talks.

Mueller’s high degree of interest in Trump’s relationship with Stone was set forth in a draft court document  this week in which prosecutors drew a direct line between the two men. The document refers to Stone as someone understood to be in regular contact with senior Trump campaign officials, “including with then-candidate Donald J. Trump.”

The Post reported earlier in the week that the inclusion of the president’s name in the document worried his legal team because it showed just how closely Mueller was investigating “what Trump may have learned from Stone about WikiLeaks’ release of emails that prosecutors say were hacked by Russian intelligence operatives.”

This shows how intensely Mueller is investigating what information Trump may have obtained directly from Stone about WikiLeaks’ release of emails that were illegally obtained.

Stone said he did not discuss WikiLeaks or the emails with Trump. He said records of phone calls didn’t mean anything: “Unless Mueller has tape recordings of the phone calls, what would that prove?” 

Stone has criticized the Mueller investigation as a “political witch hunt” to punish him for supporting Trump and both he and Wikileaks have denied any collaboration.

Trump told his lawyers — and last week told Mueller in his written answers — that Stone never told him about WikiLeaks’ upcoming email release. He has denied any prior knowledge of Wikileaks release of the emails.

 In September we reported that Stone might get arrested for lying under oath about his contacts with WikiLeaks. Then in late October we reported that Mueller was close to indicting Stone for his Wikileaks contacts.

In July we also published an article entitled “Trump Lie Blown To Bits As Indictment Reveals Roger Stone Was In Regular Contact with Senior Campaign Members.” 

What this means is that Bob Mueller has a great deal of information about Roger Stone‘s contacts with WikiLeaks and also with the Trump presidential campaign.

The reason  Mueller is so interested in  Stone is that he may provide proof of Donald Trump’s personal involvement in colluding with Russia.

For several months we have been reporting that a Stone indictment might be imminent. We’re not sure what evidence Robert Mueller has that might lead to him indicting Roger Stone, but with all of the information that has come out this week it appears that an indictment might in fact be coming very soon.

When Bob Mueller issues an indictment to Roger Stone it may provide proof that Donald Trump illegally conspired with Russia and WikiLeaks during his 2016 campaign. This is the  bombshell that we’ve all been anticipating for a very long time, and it may happen soon.