Putin And MBS Handshake Like Murderous Bros As Trump Gets Played At G-20

Putin and MBS greeted each other like two despots who know that they own the President Of The United States.


These are the types of leaders that Trump is defending. Donald Trump has weakened the standing of the United States so much that MBS can murder a journalist who was a US resident, be defended by the White House, and then celebrate with Putin on the world stage with zero consequences.

The Putin-MBS handshake was revolting to anyone who cares about democracy and freedom.

What is even worse is that Donald Trump desperately wants to be in the Putin/MBS club. Trump doesn’t realize that he is nothing more than a hired hand who was bought to make sure that there is no US opposition to violations of human rights and the global law. MBS and Putin are celebrating because there is no one in the White House to stop them.

Trump is their stooge, and for as long as he is the White House, anti-democratic authoritarians are going to have a free hand to murder, seize, and steal with no opposition from the president.

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