GOP Governors Warn Trump That 2020 Disaster Is Coming


Republican governors are warning Trump that he needs to change or he will lose again in 2020.

According to Politico:

Republican governors are warning President Donald Trump that he and the GOP need to make a sharp course correction after their midterm shellacking to avoid losing again in 2020.



The discussions stretched out over several days this week during the Republican Governors Association’s annual winter meeting, the party’s first major political gathering since the midterms. In interviews, more than a dozen of the GOP’s most prominent governors and officials implored the party to address its plummeting support among women and upper-income suburban voters, pleaded with the president to ratchet down his rhetoric, and urged a rethinking of the party’s widespread use of slash-and-burn TV ads that fell flat in 2018.

Republicans have figured out why they are losing and his name is Donald Trump

Everything that the Republican governors want changing is Trump. The rhetoric, the ds, the division and alienation of voters. Those aren’t bugs. They’re features of Trump running a political party.

2020 disaster is coming for Republicans

The Republicans have one thing right. There is a disaster coming for the GOP. If Republicans thought the midterm election was bad, 2020 has the potential to be even worse. Trump is going to struggle in less than two years because he is the political establishment now. The man in the Oval Office can’t run as a political outsider.

Trump won in 2016 because he made the election about Hillary Clinton. Republicans just saw what happens when an election is about Trump. In 2020, Trump won’t be running against Clinton. He is going to be the focus of the election, and the result could get ugly fast for the GOP.

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