Putin Throws Trump Under the Bus After Cohen Rats Him Out

Donald Trump’s buddy Vladimir Putin is not helping him out very much these days. Over the weekend the Russian president pointed out that Trump canceled their G-20 meeting due to his worsening “domestic” scandals. Trump had claimed that he cancelled the meeting because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is clearly not true.

Putin could have given Trump cover by supporting his fictional story, but he did not.  This may indicate that Putin believes Trump is damaged goods and he will get no more benefit in supporting him.

Further evidence of this came out over the past two days in Argentina when Putin’s spokesman denied that the Kremlin ever had any interest in a Trump Tower Moscow real estate project.

Everyone knows that Robert Mueller reached a plea deal with Michael Cohen this week, and that Cohen has now exposed Trump’s role in the Trump-Russia election influence scandal.

One piece of evidence submitted by Cohen was the emails that Cohen sent to the Kremlin during the 2016 election campaign. He did this as part of his efforts on behalf of candidate Trump to secure approval for the Trump Tower Moscow project.

Trump of course has denied being involved in the project.

Now Russia is saying that they basically ignored these emails and they took no part in any discussions about the project. They claim that it was only Donald Trump’s side who wanted to do the Trump Tower Moscow project, and that the Kremlin wasn’t interested.

In other words Putin is claiming that the Trump-Russia conspiracy was all Trump’s idea, and he wanted nothing to do with it.

Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov clarified this in an interview with NBC News from Argentina.

According to NBC News:

“A spokesman for Russia’s government said Saturday that only two emails and a phone call took place between President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and Russian officials about a planned Trump Tower project.”

“But, said spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russian officials gave the exchanges no more attention than any other business proposition.”

Peskov also told NBC News that Trump was just one more foreign applicant.

“Every week dozens and dozens of foreign businessmen are approaching us, mentioning possible investments, searching for contacts,” Peskov said. “For you, it’s a future president Trump. For us, it’s one of the other applicants.”

Peskov also said he never talked to Cohen personally.

Is it possible that Vladimir Putin now sees Donald Trump as a liability, and that he’s actually trying to harm him politically and legally? It certainly appears that way.

Putin may also be trying to protect himself by distancing himself from the American president who he views as damaged goods.

We don’t know what will happen next in the Mueller probe, and we don’t know what steps Putin will take next either.

But it is clear from events over the past two days that the Trump-Putin relationship is not as chummy as it used to be. Trump looks increasingly worried and distracted, and he was walking around the G-20 summit in a daze.

Putin is much smarter than Donald Trump, who has been begging for Russian money for decades. It seems now that Trump is sinking, and Putin is firing more torpedoes rather than sending a lifeboat to save him.