The Russians Just Made Trump’s Mueller Problems A Whole Lot Worse


Dmitry Peskov showed NBC News emails from Michael Cohen, and while trying to explain away the emails made Trump‘s Mueller problems worse.

Here is the transcript of Peskov talking to NBC News:

NBC News: You obviously realized this was coming from the office of the candidate of the American presidency.


Peskov: Every week dozens and dozens of foreign businesses approach us mentioning possible investments, searching for contacts.

NBC: This is from the lawyer —

Peskov: For us it’s no different.

NBC: It’s future President Trump. This is from the lawyer to the future President Trump.

Peskov: For you he’s the future President Trump. For us it’s one of the you have to understand that. You have to understand that we have an open e-mail address that is public and dozens and dozens of applications are coming every week from businessmen, from — well, whatever. Lots of people from all over the world.


As Rachel Maddow pointed out on Friday, Peskov is a key player who wasn’t just behind the Trump Tower deal, but he is also suspect of being the man who was running the election interference operation for Putin.

Video of Maddow:

The Russians Are Using Their Leverage Over Trump

The reason Peskov pulled out his phone and showed a journalist the Michael Cohen emails that have Trump in big letters on the botttom is because the Russians are sending a message to the president that they have him by the short hairs. The Russians aren’t helping Trump. They are squeezing him to get what they want. The Russians are making Trump‘s Mueller problems worse, because that is the way for them to get the sanctions lifted, and at its core, this scandal is about the Russians trying to get a puppet president elected who will lift the crippling sanctions.

Trump‘s Mueller investigation issues are worsening, and the Russians are trying to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit.

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