Timeline Busts Trump Pals For Lying About Colluding With Wikileaks

Jonathan Capehart explained on MSNBC‘s AMJoy the timeline behind what many people suspect is connected to President Trump discussing  on the campaign trail, following the daily release of John Podesta‘s emails by WikiLeaks on Oct. 7, 2016.

Conspiracy theorist and friend of Roger Stone Jerome Corsi flatly denies having any information about the WikiLeaks dumps but newly revealed e-mail conversations between Corsi and stone tell quite a different story about the months leading up to the 2016 election. Allow me to explain. March 2016, Russian hackers gain access to John Podesta‘s e-mails. Remember, John Podesta was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


Next month, April, Russian intelligence hacks the DNC and DCCC. Then Wikileaks releases stolen DNC e-mails. July 25th right at the start of the Democratic convention, e-mail from stone to Corsi, get to Assange at an Ecuadorian embassy and get the pending Wikileaks e-mails. July 27th the day before Hillary Clinton is to accept her party’s nomination, Trump says, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing.”

Let’s fast forward to August 2nd, e-mail from Corsi to Stone, “word is friend in embassy plans two more dumps impact planned to be very damaging.” That was the second dump that was planned.

August 21st Roger stone sends a very curious tweet out. “It will soon be Podesta‘s time in the barrel.”

Nine days later stone asks Corsi for help to create a, quote, ‘alternative explanation’ for podesta tweet.

Now, this key date of October 7th, talk to any person in Clinton world and this date is seared in their memory.

3:29 P.M. They send out a statement on Russia‘s ties to hacked e-mails.

4:03 P.M. Same date, Washington Post David Farenthold says the “Access Hollywood” tape released.

29 minutes later, October 27th, 4:32 P.M. Wikileaks begins releasing Podesta‘s e-mails on a daily basis.

Then Donald Trump started saying this:

“This just came out. Wikileaks. I love Wikileaks. I love reading those Wikileaks. They’ve got to start talking about Wikileaks. The wonder of Wikileaks. We love Wikileaks. Boy, they have really — Wikileaks. They have revealed a lot. Wikileaks. Wikileaks. That came out on Wikileaks. This Wikileaks stuff is unbelievable. It tells you the inner heart. You’ve got to read it.”


When laid out clearly as Capehart has, the timeline tells a story that can’t be denied. This is not the same thing as making a legal case, which is why Donald Trump isn’t huddled up with Assange hiding out at a foreign embassy, but it does show that Trump and his associates knew what WikiLeaks was going to do, and that the delivery of the dump was timed to get Trump out of his “p*ssy grabbing” tape troubles.

Trump and his crew no doubt thought that they were geniuses, that no one else had ever thought of playing so dirty and with such little regard for their country’s security and independence, but the truth is that the Trump crew are your basic stupid, rich thugs. They think they’re smart because they’ve always gotten away with their illegal and/or corrupt abuses of power in the past.

Running for, and “winning” with the help of a hostile foreign country, the presidency of the United States might seem like the best thing to ever happen to Trump, but it certainly isn’t helping the people around him who were, up until then, getting away with and getting wealthy off of their massive corruption.

The timeline tells the story.  The Trump crew worked with WikiLeaks, which got the hacked emails Russia – the same country Trump publicly asked to get the emails.

Trump is so sensitive about this topic because he knows, as do most of you, that he is not actually a legitimate president. He got into office not only by cheating, but by doing far worse – he and or his people conspired with a hostile foreign country to cheat.  Without that help, Trump who only won by 1% in Michigan and a scant almost 80,000 collective votes across three states, would not be president today. He knows it, and so do we.

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