Ted Lieu Calls Out Terrified Trump For Obstructing Justice With Tweet

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) called out Donald Trump for trying to obstruct justice with a tweet and for being terrified of Roger Stone testifying.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:

People are flipping all around Trump, and the president is scared

People close to Trump are flipping and cutting deals. The president is scared. He is especially worried about what Roger Stone knows and he might tell Mueller and a grand jury. Kellyanne Conway’s husband has flagged the same Trump tweet about Stone for being an attempt to intimidate a witness.

Ted Lieu was right. Trump is scared, and he has even more to fear from Democrats taking over the House and have subpoena power at the start of the new year. The president learned from Michael Cohen‘s flip that Robert Mueller has the facts and information that he needs to disprove Trump‘s lies.
Trump is described as rattled by Mueller name dropping him in court documents. Donald Trump‘s behavior is that of a scared criminal who has been caught.

Judgment day is coming, and even if Trump somehow shuts down Mueller, he won’t be able to stop House Democrats.