Trump Sent Love Note to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un

Just like a couple of middle schoolers, Donald Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un are passing notes saying they like each other. In this case South Korean President Moon Jae-in is the go-between. In Argentina for the G-20 he said that President Trump asked him to pass a note to North Korea’s dictator.

According to CNN’s Manu Raju, the note said:

“President Trump has a very amicable view of Chairman Kim and that he likes Chairman Kim… As much that he wishes to implement the rest of the agreement with Chairman Kim and that he will make true what Chairman Kim wishes.”

It’s not clear that Kim will reciprocate Trump’s love, however. It is sad to see the President of the United States so desperate. Now that Russian President Vladimir Putin, all of the G-20 leaders, and the American people have rejected him, Kim Jong-un is the president’s last resort in his quest to find someone to love him. But there is no guarantee that it will work out as Donald hopes it will.

According to the Washington Post, Moon Jae-in said he was optimistic that Kim would visit South Korea in the near future. This would be the first time any North Korean leader has ever visited there. The hope is that such a visit would show a skeptical world that Kim is actually committed to remove nuclear weapons from his country.

Moon Jae-in said that he and Trump have agreed on the need to maintain existing sanctions against North Korea until it completely denuclearizes. This means that nothing has really changed. The talks are at the same impasse where they have been stuck for weeks.

North Korea has been demanding that sanctions be removed before it makes any concessions. It has rejected the demand from the United States to give them a list of its nuclear weapons and missile facilities.

Moon Jae-in said the North is asking only for “corresponding measures” that don’t have to be reduction or removal of sanctions. He said that such measures could include delaying or reducing U.S.-South Korean military exercises, humanitarian assistance, or sports and cultural exchanges. He also said that they would look favorably upon a formal declaration of an end to the 1950-53 Korean War, which has never happened.

Van Jackson, a former Pentagon official, said he is afraid Trump will announce sanctions relief that he won’t be able to implement to North Korea’s satisfaction, “setting up the U.S. to be the one who failed to live up to its obligations.”

“Most sanctions aren’t under Trump’s control, and the Democratic House won’t work with Trump to relieve sanctions,” he said. “But that probably won’t stop him from making verbal declarations he can’t follow through on.”

 Trump told reporters in Argentina that he wants to hold a second summit with Kim  next year and that three sites are under consideration.

“We’re getting along very well. We have a good relationship,” the president told reporters aboard Air Force One.

Now that Donald Trump has used South Korea’s president to deliver his love note, he is hoping the North Korean dictator will reciprocate. If he doesn’t, then a sad situation will only get worse, as Donald Trump finds himself completely isolated from everyone except those he pays to be nice to him.

As Robert Mueller closes in on him, and as Democrats in the House get ready to start holding hearings on Trump crimes and corruption in the new year, the president’s actions are increasingly those of a desperate man. He appears to know that he doesn’t have many options left, and his days in office are numbered.