Desperate Trump Is Using Mob Tactics To Try To Silence Russia Witnesses

Former CIA Director John Brennan said that Donald Trump is using mob tactics and a mob mentality to try to get witnesses to stay silent and stick with him in the Russia investigation.

Brennan said on MSNBC‘s Hardball with Chris Matthews, “I think just what you said, mob terminology because it’s almost a mob and attitude, trying to influence those individuals who might think about cooperating, praising those who have stood firm and trashing those who have spoken out of school. I think it is so typical trump and so typical mob –”

Chris Matthews added, “Well, it’s right out of “Godfather II” where he goes to the prison and afraid five angels and tells him if he commits suicide, basically, his family will be left alone. It’s not that bad yet.”


John Brennan replied, “No, but it’s not surprising in terms of how Trump has operated, I think, through the years. As he became President-Elect, I think he was continuing to use some of these tactics. Now as things get a little more difficult for him, dealing with an investigation that will not go away, despite his best interest and best wishes, he is now resorting to whatever tactic he can to try to convince individuals that stick by me, you know, ride it out, we’ll be fine here. But I think less and less he’s able to convince people about that.”

Trump is desperate, which is why he is trying to hold the crew together as the feds in the form of Robert Mueller take them down one by one. Brennan is right. Trump is losing the people around him, but this isn’t some sketchy small-time Russian money laundered real estate business. It’s the presidency and the executive branch of the United States government.

Trump‘s thug tactics aren’t working, and the walls are closing in, which is why the president sounds more and more like a bad B movie as he tries to hold off Mueller’s hounds of justice.

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