Eric Swalwell Says Don Jr., Roger Stone, and Erik Prince May Have Lied To Congress

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) laid out a who’s who of potential Mueller indictments by suggesting that Donald Trump Jr., Roger Stone, and Erik Prince all lied to Congress about the Russia scandal.

Rolling Stone reported:
For months, speculation has hung in the air that Donald Jr. may not have been truthful when he told Congress that he was not “aware” of foreign governments other than Russia offering to help his father’s campaign in 2016.

Who else might have lied to committee? Roger Stone is one possibility. “He has had to amend his answers to us a number of times,” Swalwell says. “He’s sent follow-up letters changing his testimony, which I think he only did once public reporting exposed that he had not been truthful with our committee.”

Erik Prince is another possibility, according to Swalwell. “His is one of the rare witness testimonies that is public, and I think if you look at the New York Times reporting on George Nader, if that story is true, then Prince was not truthful with us, either.”

Rep. Swalwell has made it clear to the White House that he and the new Democratic House majority have no fear of Trump.

The nation is focused on Robert Mueller, but the other shoes are going to start dropping in January as House Democrats are going to call Donald Trump Jr, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Erik Prince, and others back before Congress to testify in a new Russia investigation. There is ample evidence to suggest that Stone, Prince, and Trump Jr. all lied to Congress.

Robert Mueller already got Michael Cohen to plead out to a charge of lying to Congress, and the individuals that Swalwell named are likely Mueller indictment targets.

Trouble is coming for Trump’s pals, not just in the form of the Special Counsel, but also House Democrats who are coming for the truth on Russia.

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