State AGs Just Subpoenaed All Of Trump’s Tax Returns

The state attorney generals who are suing Donald Trump for Emoluments Clause violations are demanding that he turn over all of his tax returns.

Read the subpoenas:


Here is the relevant request:

state ags subpoenas

Trump’s tax returns have never been closer to being made public

Trump has never been closer to having his tax returns exposed. The Emoluments Clause violations will not get Trump thrown in prison, but they could lead to impeachment and a laundry list of criminal charges related to corruption and financial crimes. The lawsuit by the DC and Maryland attorney generals has been working its wway through the court system since 2017.
At heart is the idea that Trunp is unconstitutionally profitting from the presidency. Trump’s DC hotel is leased from the federal goverment, and Trump is profiting off of foreign governments spending money at his hotel. For example, the Saudis have spent large sums of money at Trump hotels.

The truth about Trump’s corrupt abuse of the presidency is coming to light, and the end result could be impeachment of this president.