Trump Just Declared Himself To Be A Superhero Named Tariff Man

While retreating from his claim that he has a deal with China, Trump declared himself to be the new superhero Tariff Man.

Trump tweeted:

Trump now thinks tariffs give him superpowers

Tariffs are not a superpower. Trump does not understand how tariffs work. He doesn’t get the damage that his trade war is doing to the US economy. Trump believes that his tariffs are making him strong and harming China when in reality, the tariffs are weakening the US economy and could end up costing the country millions of jobs.
The kryptonite for Tariff Man is a recession, and Trump is sowing the seeds for a big one with his trade war.

The story of the Trump presidency has been the tale of a man who is so obsessed with a personal image of strength that he weakens an entire nation in the process.

Tariff Man is a superhero. He is the little boy with a bath towel for a cape jumping off the roof of his house because he thinks that he can fly.

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