Trump Worst Nightmare Comes True As Mike Flynn Met With Mueller and DOJ 19 Times

The Mike Flynn sentencing memo reveals that Flynn didn’t just cooperate. He met with Mueller and the DOJ 19 times and cooperated on multiple investigations.

Here’s the bad news for Trump:

Flynn cooperated on the Trump/Russia conspiracy investigation:


Trump can’t buy Flynn off with a pardon, because Mueller is asking that Flynn gets no jail time:

Michael Flynn didn’t just talk to Mueller. He was a songbird who sang loud and detailed every note for Robert Mueller. Trump’s worst nightmare involves Mike Flynn, Michael Cohen, and Roger Stone telling the special counsel all that they know. The odds are that Michael Flynn buried Donald Trump.

Trump obstructed justice when he asked James Comey to let Mike Flynn off of the hook. When Comey failed to oblige and play ball on the Russia scandal, Trump fired him. Part of the reason that Donald Trump is in the trouble that he is in today is due to his fear of what Flynn might say.

He was right to be scared because Michael Flynn has brought Trump worst nightmares to life.

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