Witness Confesses To Helping GOP Steal Election In North Carolina

A woman has admitted to helping Republicans steal a House election in North Carolina.

WSOC Channel 9 reported,

“What Channel 9 found appears to be a targeted effort to illegally pick up ballots, in which even the person picking them up had no idea whether those ballots were even delivered to the elections board. Consistently, Channel 9 found the same people signing as witnesses for the people voting, which is very rare.


Of the 159 submitted and accepted absentee ballot envelopes, below is the breakdown of those who signed as witnesses:

Woody Hester witnessed 44
James Singletary witnessed 42
Lisa Britt witnessed 42
Ginger Eason witnessed 28
Jessica Dowless witnessed 15
Cheryl Kinlaw witnessed 13
Deborah Edwards witnessed 11
Sandra Dowless witnessed 10

Many times, people on that list witnessed ballots together.

“I was helping McCrae pick up ballots,” Eason said.


It is stunning that someone would go on television and admit to participating in a voter fraud scheme, but that is exactly what Ginger Eason did.

Republicans committed a serious crime in North Carolina and it if it is deemed so by state officials, there will need to be a new election held. Interestingly, Republicans aren’t allowed to nominate new candidates if there is a new election, so that means that the same candidate who cheated in both the primary and the general election will have to run the same primary over again.

The situation in North Carolina’s 9th district is a perfect example of Republicans engaging in the behavior that they have accused Democrats of doing. Trump and the national Republican Party have stayed silent about North Carolina because the voter fraud has been found, but it’s Republicans who have committed the crime.

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