Mueller’s Investigation Has Reached The White House And The Trumps

Frank Figliuzzi said that he believes that all of the redactions in Mike Flynn’s sentencing document suggest that Mueller has reached some highly sensitive targets that he does not want to disclose, in other words, the Trumps.

Figliuzzi said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “Two things that popped out are obvious to most folks, but it’s what’s underneath that black magic marker that’s got my attention. First, we see the word substantial regarding the level of cooperation that Mueller is seeing from Mr. Flynn. But what’s redacted here is what’s got everyone’s attention because it’s not what Mueller’s been doing. So we were all expecting him to tell a story. Give us the information that we need to hear and lock it into a publicly released document. But for some reason, he chose not to do that. My theory on that reason is that he’s reached a level of sensitivity, a level of targets that he does not want yet to disclose. And that should have people at the white house very, very worried.”


The odds are that the sensitive targets are the Trump family. Mueller has started at the lowest rungs of Trump’s orbit and has been working his way up. It is clear that special counsel is building a case against some people who are high up in the White House. Based on who Mueller is and isn’t talking to, that person is not Mike Pence.

The one consistency in the story that is coming together is the connection to Donald Trump of all of the players. The people that Flynn likely spilled the beans on are Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr, and maybe even the president himself. Trump has been worried that Don Jr. is going to be indicted and judging from all of the blackout lines in the Flynn document, everyone in the White House has a new reason to be concerned.

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