Robert Mueller Has Got A Criminal Investigation That We Don’t Know About


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) explained that Mueller has another criminal investigation that the public does not know about which is why so much of the Flynn sentencing memo was redacted.

Sen. Whitehouse said on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber:

They said the investigation is ongoing. All this talk about it wrapping up soon doesn’t seem to be well supported. The blackout you keep showing of the redactions of everything about the criminal investigation suggest it’s a criminal investigation we don’t know is out there yet. You try to minimize what you redact and there’s no point minimizing Cohen’s name if that were relevant because people know there’s criminal investigations to him. It’s a prospect there’s a whole new criminal investigation we don’t know about.



The identity of who is in that as well as its existence. They also talked about the help that Flynn provided so other first-hand witnesses would testify. Who is the first-hand witness? Do we know who they are? That suggests there may be unknown witnesses that the special counsel investigation has talked to and maybe still is talking to and maybe is still talking to in Trump’s circle.


The Newly Revealed Mueller Criminal Investigation Could Be The Biggest Threat To Trump

Sen. Whitehouse was right. One of the biggest reveals of the Flynn document was that there is a criminal investigation. We don’t know what the investigation concerns and who is involved. Sen. Whitehouse also pointed out why paranoia is running wild in the White House. No one knows who Mueller might still be talking to inside Trump’s circle.

Trump’s inner circle has become a focus of the investigation, which means that the idea that the investigation is limited to the Trump campaign and Russia.

Robert Mueller is going to be sending more of Trump’s people to jail and we will find out soon, who and for what.

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