Mueller Is About To Drop The Bomb, And Trump Doesn’t Have A Clue

Trump, the White House, and Republicans have no coordinated message or plan to counter the Mueller report. Instead, they will let Trump tweet and wing it.

According to The Atlantic:

But while most organizations, political or otherwise, might take the time to prepare for this kind of slow-moving train, the Trump White House is all but winging it. According to a half-dozen current and former White House officials, the administration has no plans in place for responding to the special counsel’s findings—save for expecting a Twitter spree.


There are numerous other reasons no response plan has been produced, White House sources said, including the futility of crafting a strategy that Trump will likely ignore anyway. There have also been few frank conversations within the White House about the potential costs of Mueller’s findings, which could include impeachment of the president or the incrimination of his inner circle. Those close to Trump have either doubled down on the “witch hunt” narrative, they said—refusing to entertain the possibility of wrongdoing—or decided to focus on other issues entirely.

Mueller Is Going To Destroy Trump

Everyone knows that this report is going to be politically devastating for Trump. The president’s own defenders and allies have admitted as much. The best plan that the White House can come up with is to let Trump flip out on Twitter, and then follow his lead. In some respects, this attitude is understandable as Trump ignores everything that his staff tries to put in place, so why bother?

The problem is that this report won’t just be about Trump. It could include people in Trump‘s inner circle and White House. Even if Trump doesn’t go along with the plan, the rest of the White House should have one for their own protection.

Mueller is going to destroy Trump because this is not a political battle. It is a legal matter. Trump isn’t going to be able to control the narrative with some tweets or Fox News interviews.

Robert Mueller is coming, and team Trump is ignoring the force that will lead to their political demise.

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