Trump Demanded America’s Love And A 75% Approval Rating


Trump blamed Robert Mueller and the Russia scandal for his approval rating and said that it would be at 75% without the investigation.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s approval rating is not 50%

Trump overinflates his approval ratings by citing numbers from a conservative internet polling company. According to the latest Gallup weekly poll, Trump’s approval rating is 40% with a disapproval of 56%.


Trump’s tax cuts are a total failure and are driving the country toward a recession, and Trump has no legislative record outside of the tax cut debacle to mention. The regulation cuts were executive orders that will be undone as soon as he leaves office, and all he has done for the military is to deploy them on a bogus mission to the border and cause them to miss the holidays with their families, while he is trying to privatize the VA to take healthcare away from veterans.

Trump thinks that the American people love him

A constant theme of Trump’s presidency has been his neediness and demands for love from the American people. There has never been a president who is both so unlikable and insecure at the same time. I would place Trump ahead of Nixon by a country mile in this respect, as Donald Trump has never had “Checkers speech” moment in his entire life.

Trump believes that the American people adore him, but the vast majority are biding their time until they go to the polls and vote against him in 2020. It is not Robert Mueller’s fault that Trump has been implicated in multiple felonies.

Even if the Mueller investigation didn’t exist, Trump’s approval rating would still be in the dumpster, because the problem is Donald Trump.

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