Prosecutors Say Trump Directed Michael Cohen To Commit Crimes


Prosecutors recommended a substantial prison term for Michael Cohen as they stated that Cohen committed crimes under the supervision and direction of Trump.

Prosecutors painted Cohen as a career criminal:


The jaw-dropper is that prosecutors say that Cohen committed campaign finance violations at the direction of Donald Trump:

The felony campaign finance violations are the payments to Stormy Daniels

Each time the Mueller investigation takes center stage, the other scandal that could be even more deadly to Trump’s political career jumps back into the picture. The reason why the White House is more worried about the damage that Michael Cohen can do is because there is direct evidence that Trump directed Cohen’s crimes.

Trump has now been named by prosecutors in a felony criminal case

Democrats in the House are going to be investigating the illegal payments to Stormy Daniels. The Cohen sentencing document is just the beginning of Trump’s problems. Once Democrats take power in the House, the American people should expect to see David Pecker, Michael Avenatti, Daniels, Michael Cohen, and a whole cast of characters lay out Trump’s felonies.

Michael Cohen, not Robert Mueller, may end the Trump presidency.

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