NY Times: Immigrants ‘didn’t need papers’ to Work at Trump Golf Club

Yesterday two additional undocumented immigrant women spoke out who had worked at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey. These women said that not only did they lack proper legal status to work, but that the people in charge of running the club were well aware of their illegal status.

According to the New York Times:

“One of the women said that she was allowed to submit fraudulent documents by the Trump employee who interviewed her for her job.”

The stories of these two women were reported just a day after an immigrant from Guatemala, Victorina Morales, told the Times that she has worked without legal status as a housekeeper at the club for over five years.

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Morales said she decided to come out into the open because of Trump’s negative public comments about undocumented immigrants. She also reported many demeaning words directed at her from her supervisor at Trump’s golf club.

It is significant that these workers have chosen to finally speak publicly about their jobs at a business owned by the Trump Organization.

Stopping the flow of illegal immigration and saving jobs for American workers has been a key part of Trump’s campaigns and his presidency.

And now four women have said that Trump’s management employees at the club knew they were working illegally.

One of the women said that she and another woman were hired in 2016 at the golf club after producing fake work documents.

She said they were told by the woman interviewing them, that they should not discuss their undocumented status.

“We said the papers are not good. She said it didn’t matter, but don’t talk about it,” recalled the woman, who is from Mexico.

She said that the person who interviewed them filled out the application for them and took their fake Social Security and permanent resident cards.

After Trump began attacking illegal immigration and saying that criminals were flowing across the Mexican border, many of his golf club employees were puzzled.

“I commented with other workers, ‘How can he call us criminals and drug addicts when we are right here working?’” she said, though she added that it did not prompt her to quit. “Our need was greater. Immigrants put up with a lot.”

The other woman said she applied for a job at Trump’s club after she heard from friends that “you didn’t need papers” to work there. The woman also said she handed over her false documents to her manager when she was hired, and no questions were asked.

“As far as I knew, most people didn’t have papers,” the woman told the Times.

Joyce Phipps, an immigration lawyer at a nonprofit legal-aid organization near Bedminster, N.J., said most of her clients have been employees at the Trump golf club. Most of them, she said, were not legally documented and came to her seeking help to legalize their status.

“It is such common knowledge, you have no idea,” Ms. Phipps said. “There are some people who I know got their green cards because they happened to marry a U.S. citizen, but they worked there at Trump’s club for years undocumented.”

We didn’t need it, but here is another example of the massive hypocrisy of Donald Trump. He has gained power through exploiting immigrants politically, and he has gotten rich by exploiting immigrants financially. 

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