Republican Fears Grow That Trump Is Leading Them To Doom In 2020

Republicans are growing more fearful that Trump is not ready for what’s coming, and is leading his party into a 2020 disaster.

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NBC News’s Geoff Bennett reported, “I can tell you there’s a growing fear. Certainly growing anxiety among trump allies and Republicans that the white house is in no way prepared for the legal and political danger and drama that awaits and that the fall out could damage the party’s prospects in 2020. Why is that? You’ve got Democrats seizing control of Congress in three weeks time with subpoena power. There’s turmoil in the global financial market from the Trump trade war. You have the Russia investigation picking up speed, and you’ve got those new court filings out Friday implicating President Trump in a felony.”


Republicans are already worried about 2020

There is a recession coming. The Russia investigations are getting stronger, not slowing down. In weeks, Democrats will control the House and be able to do whatever they want. Meanwhile, the White House is a neverending ball of chaos that continues to spin in circles while accomplishing nothing.

Republican governors have already been trying to warn their party that unless they get off of the Trump course, a disaster is coming in 2020. What the governors mean by disaster is that Republicans will lose the Senate, the White House, and state legislatures, and governors. The people in the Republican Party who are willing to see the reality of what’s coming are exponentially outnumbered by Trump Kool-Aid drinkers, and those who fear the president.

If Republicans thought that 2018 was a bad year for them, it might be the tip of the iceberg compared to what is coming their way in 2020. Democrats got a taste of victory in 2018, and now they want it all in 2020, and the Republican Party under Trump might be too unpopular to stop them.

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