Trump Blows Up And Threatens Government Shutdown After Democrats Say No Wall

Trump blew a gasket in front of the cameras and started arguing with Pelosi and Schumer after the Democrats told him that he would get no money for his wall.

Here is a picture:

Trump also claimed that he’d be proud to shut down the government:

The whole meeting has fallen apart as Trump is raging because Democrats won’t be bullied into paying for his wall. With his reelection campaign coming up, Trump is desperate to get the wall funded. It is why he stuck babies in cages after taking them away from their parents and sent troops to the border to whip up a fake crisis.

Trump gave Democrats their talking point by taking responsibility for shutting down the government.

Democrats aren’t going to give Trump one single cent for his wall, but more importantly, Trump just got a taste of what the next two years of his life are going to be like.

Donald Trump, the out of control president, is being checked.

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