Christians Hold Ritual At Trump Hotel To Protect Him From The Deep State

For some reason unfathomable to most people, evangelical Christians love Donald Trump, the most criminal and immoral president in United States history.

On Friday a group of Christians gathered at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. for Revolution 2018, a conference of charismatic Christian ministries organized by Lamplighter Ministries.

The location they chose is very controversial. Foreign governments have spent millions of dollars at the Trump International Hotel, probably violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause at the same time. (And there are lawsuits under way charging Trump with such violations.)

Presidents are not supposed to use their office for financial gain, especially from foreign governments.  But Friday’s gathering did not include either lobbyists or foreign diplomats seeking to curry favor.

In the glittering ballroom of the five-star Washington hotel the Christian worshipers held religious rituals intended to thwart the Deep State. Their goal was to protect and support the president and his administration. According to attendees, who were filled with religious fervor, they believe that the Trump presidency “will bring about a spiritual turnaround in the United States.”

Lamplighter Ministries has made Donald Trump the focal point of their religious outreach and ministry programs. They published a book, Midnight Cry, which they say gives the reader:

“Prophetic insights on Donald Trump as well as clear chronicle of the historic national turnarounds now in play, and key revelations regarding the ongoing exposure of betrayal, the conflict of thrones in Israel, the Mideast, Korea and more.”

According to Religion News, Lamplighter’s leader, Jon Hamill speaks in tongues, as do his followers. Speakers at Friday’s event in Trump’s hotel recounted “supernatural encounters, direct conversations with God and angelic beings.”

“In Jesus’ name, we declare the Deep State will not prevail,” Hamill announced, while banging his gavel on a podium.

His wife Jolene then led a  prayer ritual that was aimed at the “false media network.” She called on the worshipers present to “repent of drinking the cup of media, because it is a false cup.”

Lamplighter reportedly is part of a movement of independent charismatic Christian groups that combine their spiritual mission with political activism. Donald Trump has become a rallying point for believers. They say his administration is acting on behalf of “a divine mission.”

According to Hamill, “opposing the president or his policies is against the will of God.”