Robert Mueller Already Knows The Dirty Deeds That Michael Cohen Covered Up For Trump

During his sentencing, Michael Cohen referred to dirty deeds that he had to cover up for Trump. Robert Mueller already knows what those dirty deeds are.

Cohen said during his sentencing:

Michael Cohen didn’t say what other dirty deeds that he covered up for Trump, but it is a certainty that since Cohen cooperated with the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller already knows.

Very soon, the knowledge of Trump’s activities is going to be known by every single American as House Democrats are expected to call Cohen to testify in front of Congress. Michael Cohen has nothing to lose now. He is a convicted felon who is going to prison. He probably won’t end up doing the three years that he was sentenced to, but prison is still prison.

Donald Trump got a glimpse into his future today, and he may end up like Michael Cohen standing before a judge on a future date being sent to prison.

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