Trump Stomps His Feet And Demands Democrats Give Him Votes For His Wall

Trump doesn’t have the votes to fund his wall, so he is demanding that Democrats give him the votes because he wants them.

Trump tweeted:

Obama didn’t give Iran $150 billion. This statement is one of Trump’s favorite lies. The Iranian assets were not under US government control. The money came from funds that were tied up by sanctions involving the United States, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Trump is asking for Congress to approve $5 billion in US taxpayer money for a wall that no one, but no one, but Trump and his supporters want.

Democrats aren’t going to fund the wall

Trump has tried begging, threatening a government shutdown, and demanding, but Democrats aren’t going to give him the votes he needs for his wall. The one thing that the self-described dealmaker has not done is to try to negotiate. Senate Democrats aren’t giving Trump anything for his wall. They are offering to fund Homeland Security, which is not the wall.

Unless Trump is willing to make an offer that Democrats can’t refuse, there will be no wall.

Democrats are doing the one thing that Trump has never experienced in politics. He is being told no by a co-equal branch of government. Trump’s toddler act will only get him more rejection, as the grownups have arrived to restore order to Washington.

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