Conservative George Will Plans To Vote For The Democratic Nominee In 2020

Conservative columnist George Will said on Thursday that he would “absolutely” vote for the Democratic nominee in 2020 if primary voters nominate a candidate with broad appeal.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, the stalwart right-winger said that Democrats can easily take back the White House with the right nominee and that he would be willing to support Trump’s opponent.

“It’s never happened before,” Will said of the potential of him supporting a Democrat for the presidency.


Will says Trump should fear Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown

George Will’s comments about potentially supporting a Democratic nominee in 2020 come after he penned a column in The Washington Post highlighting Ohio’s newly re-elected Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Will said the Ohio Democrat can help put the Buckeye State back into the blue column which would effectively deny Trump a second term.

“The fact that [Brown] is a political lifer — elected Ohio’s secretary of state in 1982 at 29, he then served seven terms in Congress — seems less like a defect than a credential now that the nation is two years into its experiment with treating the presidency as an entry-level public office,” the conservative columnist wrote.

Will added: “Were Brown not a white male, he might be the likely Democratic nominee because, to minds unclouded by the Democratic activists’ superstitions of identity politics, he might look like the optimum challenger to Trump.”

The conservative writer joins a growing list of high-profile Republicans who are disgusted with the Trump presidency. In other words, it isn’t just Democrats and independent voters who are ready to throw Trump out of the White House. Some Republicans are, too.

That gives Democrats a huge opportunity to score a decisive victory over Donald Trump in 2020.

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