Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Disaster Shows Trump Is Going Down

For nearly 40 minutes on CNN, Kellyanne Conway reeled, spun, deflected, and flat out lied, but what she couldn’t do was save Donald Trump.

The lowlight of the interview for Conway, and there were many to choose from, had to be when she claimed that people shouldn’t believe the testimony of a couple of people who are under indictment over Trump. Conway clearly had orders not to use the word indictment, so she quickly backpedaled and tried to say statement, but the genie was out of the bottle.


The White House is delusional

Conway’s tactic was to talk over CNN’s Chris Cuomo and fill the airwaves with an eruption of lies and gibberish that made no sense. If Kellyanne Conway is a reflection of the current state of mind of Trump and the people in his administration, then they are delusional. Conway didn’t mount a defense with the exceptions of hurling insults at Cuomo and trying to claim that crimes aren’t really crimes. She seemed to take special pleasure in the fact that the sitting president couldn’t be indicted for his crimes, which suggests that Trump is a criminal, but is using the presidency as a sanctuary from prosecution.

Trump is going down

Kellyanne Conway had nearly 40 minutes on national television, and she could not come up with anything that was close to a coherent defense of Trump. The conclusion was clear. Trump and his defenders have nothing. They are trying to throw distractions at the American people in a bid to cling on to power.

There is no defense for the crimes of Donald Trump. Kellyanne Conway tried, and she struck out on every front. There is no saving this president. He is going down, and he is taking everyone in his administration with him.

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