Trump May Get More Criminal By Naming Jared Kushner Chief Of Staff

No one wants to be Trump’s chief of staff, so he is considering doing what he always does with jobs he can’t fill. He is going to give the job to Jared Kushner.

Here is what Sarah Sanders said when asked about Jared becoming chief of staff when he isn’t bringing peace to the Middle East:

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are the reason why John Kelly was pushed out of the White House, so it would be fitting if Kushner became chief of staff, but the fact that Trump is even considering his son in law suggests the lack of outside candidates who will take the job is even worse than has been reported.

With Robert Mueller closing in, and Trump linked to multiple felonies, the last thing he needs is a son in law chief of staff who could possibly be indicted before New Year’s.

If while wrapping Christmas presents, you were pondering how Donald Trump’s administration could get even more criminal, the answer is to name Jared Kushner as his chief of staff.

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