Nobody Else Wanted The Job, So Mick Mulvaney Is Trump’s New Chief Of Staff

Trump couldn’t find a new chief of staff, so he named Mick Mulvaney as the acting chief of staff.

Trump announced via Twitter:

Politico’s Ben White had this one nailed:

All of the other candidates turned Trump down

Even Chris Christie turned Trump down, so the president had no one else to turn to, so he had to name Mulvaney to the job. Trump could not find a single competent and qualified candidate who wanted to work with him in the White House. The scandals are a big reason why there isn’t anyone out there who wants to commit career suicide.

The other problem is working for Trump is certain to end in disaster. Trump doesn’t listen to any advice that he gets, so any chief of staff would be wasting their time by taking the job. People want to be chief of staff because of the power and influence that they would have on policy, but under Trump, the chief of staff has no influence. They are a glorified babysitter who has to stop this president from doing stupid and illegal things.

It is a job that no one should want, which is why Trump had to turn to Mulvaney because no one on the outside wants anything to do with Trump.

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