Scott Walker Immediately Sued For Bill Stripping Democrats’ Power

Moments after Scott Walker signed a series of bills that weakened the power of the incoming Democratic Wisconsin governor and attorney general he was sued for a potentially illegal act.

Daniel Strauss of Politico reported:

Reuters reported on the illegal Republican bid to keep power:
The Wisconsin legislation, which passed on Dec. 5 largely along party lines, will prevent Governor-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul from carrying out a campaign promise to withdraw the state from a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

It will also limit Evers’ ability to pass administrative rules and block him from killing a provision that would impose a work requirement on Medicaid recipients. In addition, the legislation will allow lawmakers to sidestep the attorney general’s office in litigation involving the state.

Governor-elect Tony Evers blasted Walker for trying to override the will of the people:

Democrats have a good case to make against Walker and the Republican Party. What Walker masterminded was a weakening of the executive branch of the state government in order to shift power to the gerrymandered legislative branch that Republicans still control. It is an obvious attempt to invalidate an election.

A majority of the voters in Wisconsin supported the Democratic candidate. Tony Evers should be allowed to carry out his duties with the same powers that Walker had. There is no legal justification for what Walker and the state legislature did, and it is important that Democrats stand up for democracy and not allow Trump’s authoritarian party to seize power after losing an election.

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