Trump’s Inauguration Crimes Cover Story Just Got Destroyed

Sarah Sanders claimed that Trump wasn’t involved with the inauguration, but reporters have obtained the presentations that he was showing during briefings.

WNYC reported, “President-elect Trump was repeatedly briefed on inaugural planning and specific events, according to one committee worker with direct knowledge. WNYC and ProPublica have seen presentations that were shown to the president-elect, complete with renderings and floor plans.”

This report obliterates Sarah Sanders’ claim that Trump wasn’t involved with the inauguration. Sanders told Fox News, “This didn’t have anything to do with the president. The president was focused on the transition, and building out a new government, and preparing to take office. The role he had in the inauguration was to raise his hand and take the oath.”

The Trump Family Is In Deep With The Criminal Inaugural Committee

Sarah Sanders was lying. Whether she knew that she was lying, or the Trumps have lied to her is a debatable matter, but Trump‘s cover story that he had nothing to do with his own inauguration has been blown to bits. Trump has his fingers in everything, especially if it involves money. His daughter Ivanka is facing possible tax law violations for her role in inflating the price for space at the Trump DC hotel during the inaugural.

Trump has no deniability. He was involved in the inaugural committee that is currently under criminal investigation. Trump is currently fighting off investigations on at least four fronts, the Trump Foundation, the Mueller problem, the hush money payouts, and his inaugural committee.

He is drowning in a sea of corruption, and the claims that he had no knowledge of and nothing to do with these crimes are being easily disproven by the physical evidence. The end appears to be in sight for Trump. It is only a matter of which scandal takes him down first.

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