Mitch McConnell Blasted For Covering Up Trump Crimes

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) made it very clear that Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is helping to cover for Trump by refusing to protect Mueller.

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:
STEPHANOPOULOS; That was June 2012 when the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate for Obamacare. But now a federal judge in Texas has ruled that that mandate is it’s unconstitutional, striking down the whole law, creating uncertainty for millions, and a course of condemnation from Democrats, including our next guest, the Senate’s number two Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illinois. Senator Durbin, thank you for joining us this morning.

And I want to get to that health care ruling. But, first, your reaction to Mayor Giuliani. You just heard him say that even if the president authorized these payment to Stormy Daniels, to Karen McDougal, that it wouldn’t be a crime. Your response?

SEN. DICK DURBIN, (D) ILLINOIS: I can just tell you this, George, I think the responsibility of Congress is very clear: park yourselves on the sidelines and let Mueller complete this investigation. Don’t interfere in any way, shape, or form. There’s a law — at least a bill pending, a bipartisan bill, that would guarantee that, that Senator McConnell does not want to call.

The second thing I’ll tell you, at the end of the day when Mueller’s investigation is complete, whenever that may be, it should be disclosed to the American public. They ought to see it in detail, understand everything that’s transpired.


Mitch McConnell Has Been Covering For Trump From The Beginning

Mitch McConnell has been covering for Donald Trump since before the election. McConnell refused to join with Obama and issue a joint statement condemning Russian election interference. McConnell has refused to protect the special counsel investigation. The Senate Majority Leader won’t even allow a vote on a bill to protect Robert Mueller.

McConnell is trying to keep the door open for Trump to fire Mueller, and Sen. Dick Durbin deserves praise for linking Trump’s crimes and McConnell’s efforts together because if Republicans in Congress would put country first, Donald Trump would already have been impeached and removed from office.

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