Former Congresswoman: Prosecutors Are Going For The Jugular On Trump

Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman said that prosecutors are going for the jugular on Trump and his family and the whole edifice is tumbling down.

Holtzman said on MSNBC, “I think it’s kind of fascinating to see all of these different pressure points on the president. And they’re really going for the jugular. All of this could affect not only him personally, in terms of possible criminal liability. Possible impeachment liability. But his family. I mean, Donald Trump Jr., did he lie when he testified before the house intelligence committee or federal panels? What about executive two, who’s in the Trump Organization. And other family members connected –”


Ali Velshi asked, “But someone involved in the Trump Organization?”

Holtzman answered, “Correct. Involved in an illegal payoff. Are these people close to him, you bet. Are they all tumbling down? It’s as though the whole edifice is about the tumble down.”

Prosecutors are coming at Trump from all angles, jurisdictions, and levels.

The reason why Donald Trump will never take a plea deal and resign is that there are dozens of ongoing investigations into his business and his conduct. Even if Trump took a single plea deal, there are still more federal and state level charges to worry about, and Trump or Mike Pence can’t pardon away state-level charges.

In New York, prosecutors have been trying to bring the Trump family to justice for decades. They are finally getting their chance thanks to the information sharing and cooperation of prosecutors.

Contrary to what the president likes to tweet, this isn’t a witch hunt. It is decades of Trump’s criminal chickens coming home to roost. Everywhere Trump looks there are investigations and criminal liability.

It isn’t if this president is going, but which investigation will be the final nail in the coffin that brings him down.

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