Trump And Russians Conspired For Years To Steal The Election

Malcolm Nance says that Trump and the Russians were planning and communicating for years on their conspiracy to win the White House.

Nance said on MSNBC:

When I wrote my first book on this just about six weeks before the election I estimated that the Internet Research Agency which we called an information warfare management cell could have between 300 and 1,000 people. Now that looks minuscule compared to the integrated way that they used and weaponized every social media platform that America had, all of the big ones, and then took freedom of speech itself, the thing that we cherish the most, and used it to shove their narrative of what they wanted the American public to see.

They ran racial groups against each other. They pit political groups against each other and they pushed one candidate while tearing down the other. All I can say is this. As an intelligence professional, none of this happens in a year or two years. This effort began at least three to five years before and they had to have known who they were going to be dealing with and that’s how we saw as early as 2012 the Russians had contact with Donald Trump related to his election and that — six years seems better timeline to come up with all of the information that’s in these reports.


The Report Is Devastating For Trump And The Republican Party

The report is devastating for Republicans and Trump because it lays how widespread and coordinated the Russian interference for Donald Trump was in 2016. It wasn’t just one group of Russians that messed with the election.

The Russian effort was vast and highly sophisticated. It took years to put together and likely could not have been carried out without the assistance of Trump and his campaign. The Russians somehow had the data to know which voters and states to target.

Trump and the Republican Senate majority have never looked more illegitimate than they do today.

The Russian/Trump crimes took years to put together and implement, and it is all steadily coming down and taking a presidency with it.

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