Trump’s Tax Returns Will Be Released In February

Jonathan Alter said that Donald Trump’s tax returns will be in the hands of House Democrats and released by February.

During a discussion about whether or not Trump will be primaried by Republicans, Alter said, “The taxes will be out in February of this coming year. We’re going to see them real soon.”


The tax returns are the Trump holy grail. They are the key that will open up many of Trump’s locked secrets. House Democrats have made it clear that one of their first actions is going to be to get Trump’s tax returns. The tax returns should play a key role in several of the investigations that Democrats will be doing.

House Democrats are going to begin the process to obtain Trump’s tax returns as soon as their majority takes power in January.
The American people have waited almost two years for Trump’s tax returns, and in a few more months, they will begin to learn the truth about the finances, conflicts, and compromises of Donald Trump.

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