MSNBC Refuses To Show Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing

MSNBC was the only network to refuse to cover the White House press briefing with Sarah Sanders. The network only played taped video of one question.

The briefing was only ten minutes long, and MSNBC only played a brief little more than two minutes long:

MSNBC refused to show the previous briefing that Sarah Sanders, and as other networks cut in or streamed the event that was only the fifth White House press briefing since Labor Day, MSNBC stuck with their commitment to facts and not giving the Trump administration a platform to lie.

After Flynn’s sentencing was delayed for 90 days, the briefing was pointless. It was clear that the only reason that the briefing was scheduled was so that Trump could try to change the news coverage away from Mike Flynn.

It didn’t work, because Flynn wasn’t sentenced.

MSNBC deserves praise for continuing to place facts and accurate information ahead of pandering to a White House where lies are the daily default mode.

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