Trump Caves On Wall As Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Budge

House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi stood firm on no funding for the wall, so in the face of a government shutdown, Trump is beginning to cave.

MSBNBC’s Hallie Jackson said, “And forgive me, because when you talk about a possible shutdown deal, it is too early to say deal, but outlines of the agreement that is coming together, but it is clear that the White House is softening their position, and softening the president’s stance and no longer saying $5 billion or bust for the border wall. Now, there appears to be wiggle room, and the Capitol Hill team according to my colleague Garrett Haake, Nancy Pelosi is not wiggling or budging on, this and so it is up for the president.”


After Trump blew up and threatened a government shutdown, Democratic leaders Pelosi and Schumer gave Trump two options that he could take or leave. Neither of the options included funding for the wall, so Trump has a choice. Either he can shut the government down for Christmas, and the shutdown will be all on him, or he can keep the government open and try to find the money for his wall elsewhere. Maybe from Mexico, like he promised during the campaign?

The White House is caving and trying to back away from Trump’s promise that he would be happy to own a government shutdown. The odds are that Trump will quietly keep the government open before he leaves on his 16 day Christmas vacation, and be handed his first loss to Nancy Pelosi and the incoming Democratic House majority.

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