Robert Mueller Just Dropped A Major Clue That He’s Heading Straight For Donald Trump Jr.

Robert Mueller just dropped his latest clue yet that Donald Trump Jr. could be his next target.

According to The Washington Post, the special counsel has asked the House Intelligence Committee for a transcript of former Trump adviser Roger Stone’s testimony.

The report notes, “Securing an official transcript from the committee would be a necessary step before pursuing an indictment that Stone allegedly lied to lawmakers, legal experts said.”

While this is a sign that Mueller could be on the verge of indicting Stone, it could also spell doom for Donald Trump Jr. as the special counsel is looking into whether the president’s aides and family members lied to Congress during their testimony.

During a discussion on MSNBC, David Corn, Mother Jones Washington bureau chief, pointed out why the president’s eldest son should be concerned.


While Roger Stone is clearly caught in a legal storm, Corn said, “It’s also a bad sign for Donald Trump Jr. if Mueller is going to start looking at testimony and whether there was any false statements made.”

Don Jr. should be worried about being the next Mueller indictment

The last several weeks of news surrounding the Mueller investigation show that the special counsel won’t put up with key witnesses, like Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn, lying to investigators.

As Rachel Maddow said last month after Cohen pleaded guilty, “If you didn’t take the prospect of felony indictments for lying to Congress — if you didn’t take those prospects seriously before, now that somebody just plead guilty to a felony for lying to Congress, you take that more seriously after today.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly terrified that he will soon be indicted by Robert Mueller.

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