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Opinion: New Evidence Suggests That Mike Pence May Be Indicted Soon.

The recent bad news for Mike Flynn is also bad news for Vice President Mike Pence, and may mean that he will soon be indicted by Bob Mueller.

Yesterday the judge responsible for sentencing Flynn suggested he was guilty of treason and should spend some serious time in jail.  Also yesterday, one of Flynn’s partners in crime, Bijan Kian was arrested. These events can be interpreted to mean that Mueller is very close to indicting our Vice President.

Let’s review how the Flynn case and the Pence case are interconnected:

  1. Mike Pence was picked specifically by a Russian asset named Paul Manafort to be Trump’s Vice President.
  2. Pence was named the head of the transition team after he and Trump won the election.
  3. Pence then hired Flynn to be on the transition after being warned by the U.S. Department of Justice NOT to hire Flynn or have anything to do with him. (U.S. intelligence agencies had already figured out that Flynn was a traitor and was criminally conspiring with Turkey and Russia against the United States.)
  4. Pence also named Flynn’s partner in crime, Bijan Kian to the Trump transition team.
  5. Pence then  named Flynn’s son to the transition team.
  6. Pence was notified by Congress that Flynn was dirty but the vice president still kept Flynn, his son, and his criminal business partner on the transition team.

Then, after Flynn got caught conspiring with Russia, Pence lied to the American people about it.

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Here’s why yesterday’s arrest of Bijan Kian could be very bad news for Pence:

Mueller has known about Kian’s crimes for a long time. Why did he wait until yesterday to arrest him?  Flynn gave up Kian more than a year ago, when he first cut his cooperation deal.

The most likely reason for Mueller to wait this long to bust a low level guy like Bijan Kian is if he’s making a case against a bigger fish, such as Mike Pence, and he needed more time to put together all the pieces. We only found out yesterday that Kian was not only Flynn’s criminal business partner, but was also named by Pence to Trump’s transition team.

As we wrote about on December 6, in Flynn’s sentencing memo Mueller went out of his way to point out that the transition team was dirty, and he might soon indict the vice president. 

And as Sean Colarossi wrote on December 17:

“Pence and others knew that Flynn and his associates were foreign agents – and they still allowed them access to highly sensitive material during the transition and beyond.”

What really makes Pence look bad is how he lied about and tried to cover up Flynn’s crimes, after he was specifically told about them by Congress.

Why did Pence take these risky steps to protect Flynn and try to cover up Flynn’s crimes?

The only logical reason for Pence to do this is

  1. Mike Flynn had some damaging information on Pence that he didn’t want disclosed, or
  2. Pence was involved in Flynn’s crimes.

Last year Mueller obtained copies of every email sent to or from every Trump transition team member. Mueller has massive amounts of information given to him by Flynn over the past year. So Mueller already knows everything that happened within the Trump transition team. This would include every crime committed by Mike Pence, as well as Flynn.

Here’s the point:

The fact that Mueller waited until now to issue his sentencing memo on Flynn, and to arrest his partner Kian, probably means that Mueller is finally ready to go after the bigger fish, who in this case is almost certainly Mike Pence.  

Mueller would not have waited nearly a year to take these steps without a good reason that fits within his overall strategy for his investigation. And that strategy very likely includes charging Vice President Mike Pence with some very serious crimes.


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