Trump Administration Breaks Federal Law By Not Buying American

A new GAO report has found that the Trump administration violated federal law by buying $18 million in foreign aircraft parts instead of buying American.

According to the office of Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT),”The report found multiple occasions where the U.S. Departments of Defense (DoD), Health and Human Services (HHS), Homeland Security (DHS), and Veterans Affairs (VA), incorrectly recorded or misrepresented information related to the Buy American Act. For example, DHS incorrectly stated that an $18 million contract was spent on aircraft accessories manufactured in the United States, even though the parts were made by a foreign company.”

Sen. Murphy said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “I am tired of our government sending taxpayer dollars overseas for goods they can buy here at home. I requested this report because I’ve seen how blatantly the federal government violates Buy American laws. Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped. The GAO just found out that the Trump administration spent $18 million on foreign aircraft parts that we should have bought from U.S. manufacturers. Connecticut manufacturers are the best at what they do and deserve to have an opportunity to compete for these contracts. These laws are in place for a reason. If President Trump is serious when he says ‘America first’, his administration must get serious about complying with laws that help our manufacturers make products to defend our country.”

Trump waves the flag while harming American workers

Each time the Trump administration breaks the law by illegally purchasing from a foreign government, they are harming American companies and workers. Every illegal purchase means fewer jobs and lower wages. For Trump, putting America first is an empty slogan. Trump is putting America last, and as his trade war closes American factories and manufacturing, his administration is hurting workers by illegally buying products overseas.

The paper recovery can’t gloss over the real damage that Donald Trump has done to American workers since taking office. When Trump says America first, what he really means is workers last.

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