Matt Whitaker To Be Briefed On Mueller Probe So He Can Feed Info To Trump

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker will now receive briefings on the Mueller investigation, and he is expected to feed the information to Trump.

Paula Reid of CBS News tweeted:

Whitaker is expected to take his briefing straight to Trump

Matt Whitaker was chosen over more qualified candidates to be acting attorney general because while he worked under Jeff Sessions, he was Trump’s mole in the Department of Justice. Whitaker is widely expected to start feeding Trump information on Mueller’s activities as soon as he is briefed. Whitaker isn’t running the investigation, but he will have access to the information that Trump desperately wants.

The plan all along for Trump was to get a loyalist in the Department of Justice who would spy on the investigation for him, and end it if Trump asked him to do so.

Trump is trying to beat the rap by sabotaging Mueller.

It has never been more vital for Congress to pass legislation to protect Special Counsel Mueller.

Trump is putting his plan in motion, and it is up to Congress to protect the rule of law.

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