Trump Tantrums And Refuses To Keep Government Open Unless He Gets Wall Money


Trump threw a tantrum and refused to sign a bill to keep the government open unless he gets $5 billion for his wall.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said after meeting with Trump, “We just had a very long and productive meeting with the president. The president informed us he will not sign the bill that came from the Senate last evening because of his legitimate concerns for border security. So what we’re going to do is go back to the house and work with our members. We want to keep the government open but we also want to see an agreement that protects the border. We have very serious concerns about securing our border. So the president said he will not sign this bill. So we’re going to go back and work on adding border security and keeping the government open because we do want to see an agreement.”



Fox News Criticized Trump and Then He Flipped Out

It was obvious where this was going as soon as Fox News and right-wing media turned on Trump for potentially keeping the government open and getting no money for his wall. Trump promised these people a wall, and it was a promise that he could never deliver. The promise is dead as soon as Democrats take charge of the House.

Trump has to get something.

His problem is that Democrats aren’t going to give him anything for the wall. He is not going to get a single penny for his wall, but what he is going to do is create a massive political problem for himself and his party if he lays off 400,000 workers at Christmas.

Trump can shut down the government, but there will still be no wall.