Most Americans Believe Trump Obstructed Mueller, Should Be Impeached


A new poll says that the majority of American voters believe that President Donald Trump has tried to obstruct special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

It also shows that most Americans believe that Russian government intelligent agents engaged in a lengthy and widespread attack on American democracy as they attempted to help Donald Trump and other Republicans win election in 2016.

The new AP/NORC poll published Friday morning inicates that 58 percent of Americans say that Trump has engaged in numerous efforts to obstruct the Mueller probe. Just 40 percent of poll respondents said they don’t think that Trump has tried to interfere in the work of the special counsel.


Of those Americans who were asked questions, 51 percent also said that Congress should take steps to remove Trump from office if he is found to have obstructed the investigation.

This means that the majority of Americans would be in favor of Trump impeachment if more facts come out showing that Trump committed the crime of obstructing justice. The poll results indicate that this would be true even if it is found that the president did not personally have contacts with Russian operatives or government officials.

This new poll is very timely given the large amount of activity that has been generated by the special counsel’s investigation this month.

Much controversy and negative publicity for the president was created by former White House national security adviser Mike Flynn’s sentencing over his false statements to prosecutors.

In addition, former Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison on a number of charges, including campaign finance violations he said he committed at Trump’s direction.

While those charges did not deal with Russia directly, 62 percent of poll respondents said they are concerned about the possibility that Trump or others involved with his campaign had inappropriate contacts with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign. Another 72 percent say they think Trump himself has done something either illegal or unethical.

Despite over 30 indictments, and guilty pleas by all of his top advisers,Trump has repeatedly attacked Muller’s investigation as a “witch hunt” and a “hoax.”  

And even after Trump’s numerous attacks, the majority of Americans still view Mueller favorably. In this most recent poll 57 percent said they are extremely, very or moderately confident that the probe is fair and impartial.

Those numbers align with a recent Hill.TV/HarrisX poll that found 58 percent of those surveyed thought that Mueller’s investigation was unbiased.

The Hill.TV/HarrisX poll also found that most Americans approve of Mueller broadening the scope of his probe to include other criminal activities that are not directly connected to the investigation into Russian election interference.

These polls spell bad news for Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Nearly two-thirds of Americans support what Bob Mueller is doing, and they want him to continue his work and uncover the evidence that exists to prove not only Russian election interference but also other crimes committed by Donald Trump and his associates.