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Rachel Maddow Just Destroyed Trump For The Government Shutdown

Rachel Maddow leveled Trump in a matter of seconds for shutting down the government so that he won’t be embarrassed when he watches Fox News.

Maddow said, “I will say, though, that the whole reason we are going through this ridiculous exercise is so the president won’t be embarrassed when he watches the Fox News channel and they remind him about his campaign promises in which he said he was going to build a wall. I will just point out if that will be the basis on which we shut down the federal government, there is an issue his campaign promised, remember, was technically that Mexico was going to pay for the wall, right? If this whole fight right now was about Mexico was going to shut down their government rather than pay for the wall, that would be relevant to his previous campaign promises on this. He never promised I’ll build the wall and U.S. Taxpayers are going to pay for it and Democrats will vote for it. That wasn’t the campaign promise. That wasn’t even what he said he could do.”


Rachel Madddow Nailed It

The government is going to be shut down because Fox News and some talk radio hosts hurt Trump‘s feelings by pointing out that he didn’t get any funding for his border wall like he promised he would do in the government funding bill. Trump broke his promise. Fox News point it out. Trump was upset that he couldn’t watch his favorite channel anymore, so he shut down the government, just so Fox News would stop criticizing him.

Trump is making Ted Cruz‘s Obamacare government shutdown look like an act of genius.

Rachel Maddow was right. This shutdown is ridiculous and absurd. It is also going to be very painful for the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who aren’t going to be getting paychecks.

The shutdown is just dumb, and what makes it even worse is that Trump still won’t get any money for his wall when it is over.

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