Trump Is Scared That Robert Mueller Is Coming For Him

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported that Trump ally told her that Trump is unleashing mayhem because he is scared and his world is crumbling.

Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, “The explanation for all this mayhem as described to me today by a close trump ally, quote, he’s scared. He’s scared of Mueller. He’s scared of his base. He sees it all crumbling around him.”


Trump is acting like a scared and caged criminal

Trump can’t stop the decline. His friends and associates are going to prison, indicted, or flipping on him. He can’t keep his promise to his base, so his allies in conservative media are turning on him. The economy is moving toward a recession. Robert Mueller is closing in. Democrats have won the House and are about to unleash the full power of congressional oversight on the president and his family.

Trump has responded to this pressure by becoming even more erratic and out of control.

He is lashing out in every direction. The president can’t make Robert Mueller go away. He can’t stop the House from releasing his tax returns and investigating him. The presidency has made Trump a sitting duck. Decades of crime and corruption are coming home to roost. Trump is scared that if his supporters turn on him, he will have left, so he has picked this government shutdown fight to try to keep his supporters in line.

It is all crumbling, and Donald Trump is scared.