Nancy Pelosi Busts Mick Mulvaney For Lying About Wall Negotiations

The spokesman for soon to be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called out Trump‘s next chief of staff Mick Mulvaney for lying about negotiations on Trump‘s wall that aren’t happening.

Mulvaney is claiming that ending the government shutdown is up to Pelosi, but Pelosi’s spokesman tweeted a fiery statement in response:

The reality here is that the Senate already passed a bipartisan bill to keep the government open. Democrats have no demands in this shutdown. Democrats aren’t asking for anything. It is Donald Trump who has shut the government down over $5 billion for his wall. Pelosi’s office is right. Until the Trump administration embraces reality and realizes that Democrats are united in opposition to the wall, the government shutdown will continue.

There is going to be no wall. Period.

Trump can open the government at any time. All he has to do is drop his demand for money for his wall.

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